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2 July : Teddy Bear Parachute Jump!

2 July : Teddy Bear Parachute Jump!

Once again all brave teddies will have the chance to be sponsored (50p) to take to the skies and parachute down from the church tower to help raise money for Bishop Sutton Pre-School on Sunday 2 July at 2.30-5pm at Stowey Church, BS39 5TQ.

Every teddy completing the jump will also be awarded a certificate of bravery at a short child-friendly service at the end of the day.

There will be lots of additional family fun activities including a treasure hunt, and with icecream and refreshments too it is the perfect summer day out!  So do come along and join the fun – and don’t forget to bring your bravest teddy!

17 March : Pre-School goes pre-historic!

What’s going on? Pre-School has gone all pre-historic! Watch out because coming soon to a story map near you, you will hear all about how Vern Velociraptor, Beryl Brontosaurus, Donna Dakosaurus and Tony Pterodactyl played their part in the downfall of the dinosaurs..!

9 March : Baking up some mud pies!

Last Thursday was a fabulous morning for a bit of ‘baking’ in our little forest.

The Forest Club children followed instructions to find a pot and fill it with lots of mud. Then they added water from the water butt, and after a lot of stir, stir, stirring, they put in the ‘oven’ until it was cooked!

Yummy mud pies for everyone! Can you spot your little baker?

11 March : Our Pre-School Open Day 2017

11 March : Our Pre-School Open Day 2017

There was bouncing! There was cake! And there were lots of great new families and friends to meet at our Pre-School and Forest Club Open Day 2017! Thank you for coming along and supporting us!

9 February : RSPB Pre-School Bird Watchers!

9 February : RSPB Pre-School Bird Watchers!

On Thursday 9 February, Bishop Sutton Pre-School Forest Club took park in The RSPB Schools Bird Watch. We went on a walk through the lanes and into the fields armed with our clipboards, crayons and ID sheets.

The children spotted blackbirds, magpies, pigeons and sparrows among lots of other interesting birds. One child was convinced he’d spotted an eagle!

Afterwards, we explored the hedgerows  had fun playing in the field and rolled down the grassy slopes before returning to our ‘forest’ where we had a warming snack of tomato soup. Yum!

16 February : It’s a Pop & Bop Party Success!

16 February : It’s a Pop & Bop Party Success!

Thursday 17 February saw Bishop Sutton Village Hall full of children throwing shapes, busting moves and generally getting their groove on at our fantastic Bop & Pop Party fundraiser! And the best news is that as well as all the fun had on the day, we also raised nearly £400 to support our village Pre-School.

With the party led by the brilliant Johnny G from Ace Entertainment, the kids partied while the adults enjoyed the every popular homemade treats and refreshments counter!

“It was an excellent morning, with lots of support from the local community to help raise those all important funds for Bishop Sutton Pre-School,” said Annabelle Spinney, Chair of the Pre-School Committee. “Look out for our next kids entertainment on 1 June.”

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